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Room 1 Foxes

Welcome Room 1 Families! We have had a wonderful start to our school year! The students are learning the routines and manners we use at school while having lots of fun:)
I feel very blessed to have such parental support right away ~ hopefully it will expand even more as the year goes along. Special thanks to all our Apple Day cooking helpers!!
Here is what we're working on in various subject areas:
*Language Arts: Rhyming, letter formation and recognition, reading comprehension, and writing strategies for planning such as lists and idea webs.
*Math: Sorting, counting, position words, and classifying objects.
*Social Studies: Rules and citizenship
*Science: Five senses and Objects around us
*Art: Line & Shape/ Artist of the month - Wassily Kandinsky; he was a Russian artist who painted some of the first abstract paintings using line, geometric and free form shapes, and bright colors ~ ask your child about what we did to copy his style!
*P.E. - your child is learning about the 8 locomotor steps (walking, running, skipping, leaping, galloping, hopping... please support Coach Fletes by practicing these skills at home.

FYI: starfall.com and scholastic.com have excellent activities for practicing Kindergarten skills.