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Visual Arts and Music Programs » Visual Arts Program for Farragut

Visual Arts Program for Farragut


All students at Farragut Elementary participate in the visual arts Program. Each class comes to the art studio for 45 minutes every two weeks. Art classes are age appropriate for kindergarten through 5th grade. Classes are taught by a professional art teacher.

In the art studio, the children learn about the elements of art - color, line, shape, value, space, texture, and form - while working on fun, exciting projects. All grades learn about several well known artists, along with some art history of their time. Sometimes, music of that era is played while the children work. Many projects are integrated with the social studies and science of each grade. Different cultures are also explored through art.

Each grade level is exposed to a wide variety of media. Children gain skill in working with pencil, colored pencil, crayons, felt tip pens, tempra paint, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, oil pastels, chalk pastels, printing ink, and collage. Each child also gets to experience working with clay, which is then fired in an on site kiln, and then beautifully painted.

In the springtime, Farragut puts on a Community Arts Day, which includes a school- wide art show. Each child in the school chooses one piece they have made in art class to be in the show. All the art is put on display in the cafetorium.