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School Rules and Expections

General Information/Problem Solving
Learning how to follow rules and get along with others is part of the elementary school experience. At Back to School Night, or in material sent home, your child’s teacher will outline the specific expectations and discipline plan for the classroom. We appreciate your support in helping your child follow the rules.

Most negative behavior has a cause or antecedent. In handling negative behavior or conflict at school, the teacher or administrator will talk to everyone involved and discuss what led up to the situation and how it could have been handled differently. Our district adopted program, ‘Too Good for Violence’, also addresses conflict resolution and problem solving. If someone is bothering your child, please encourage him/her to follow these steps:
1. Ignore the person and walk away. If the person continues to bother you,
2. Face him and tell him to stop. If the person continues to bother you,
3. Tell an adult

Students have the right to learn without being called names or being threatened because of gender, race, religion, or physical or mental abilities. Students should report harassment to their teacher or the adult supervising at the time the harassment occurred. Incidents will be investigated promptly and appropriate action taken. Please advise the principal if you have any concern about how your child’s complaint is being handled.

General Rules
 Knives, other dangerous objects, guns, look-alike weapons, and water pistols are not allowed at school at any time. The consequences for bringing any such item on campus may result in expulsion from the Culver City Unified School District.
 Personal items such as toys, radios, cards, etc. may not be brought to school except for sharing time in class with permission from the teacher. These items may NOT be brought to the playground.
 Children are expected to settle their differences without resorting to physical means. Those who do use physical means will be held accountable for their behavior. Consequences may include in or out of school suspensions, depending on the circumstances.
 Gum and candy are not allowed at school.
 P.E. equipment, including but not limited to basketballs, baseballs, tennis balls, etc. may not be brought from home.
 Appropriate language is expected. No profanity will not be tolerated.
 Students may ride bikes, skateboards, roller skates, rollerblades and scooters to and from school, but not on school grounds. Arrangements must be made with your child’s teacher regarding storage of these items during the school day.

Playground Rules
 Freeze at the “freeze bell”, walk to class line after the whistle blows
 Use the bathroom and get drinks before the bell rings
 Tag may be played on the grass only
 Classroom patios are off limits before school, at recess, at lunch, and after school.
 Follow game and apparatus rules
 Treat others as you would like to be treated – no name calling or teasing
 Use equipment safely and correctly
 Eat snack at tables in the pavilion area only
 If a ball goes on the roof or into the creek, inform the yard supervisor
 Stay on the school grounds at all times
 Follow directions of adult supervisors

Yard Equipment
 Equipment is used at recess, noon and physical education periods only
 Students wait in line for their turn
 Apparatus must be used appropriately
 Wait for a swing by counting to 20 while standing on the curb in front of the swings
 Slide one at a time, feet first, down the slide. No walking up the slide
 Do not bring any balls or toys from home

Cafeteria Rules
 Students walk directly to the lunch line
 Students need to memorize their pin numbers
 Students are to remain seated during lunch
 Each class is assigned 2 tables
 Gr. K-3 sit at assigned tables
 Gr. 4 & 5 may enjoy open seating on 2 designated days per week
 Polite manners and proper etiquette are expected of all students
 Students clean up their own eating area
 Students will dispose of their trash only at the end of lunch
 Students will be dismissed 2 tables at a time
 Students will treat noon supervisors with respect
 Students will treat student council hall monitors with respect
 Students will walk silently through the halls and not disturb classes in session

Halls and Patios
 Keep patio and hall areas clear during lunch recess
 Students walk to the right side of the white line
 Balls must be held while waiting in line; bouncing is disruptive
 Students are only to use patio or classroom with adult supervision
 Students walk quietly in the halls
 Students are required to have a classroom pass if leaving the classroom
 Students are to cooperate with and be respectful to Student Council Hall Monitors