Farragut Elementary School

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School Profile

Farragut is more than just an outstanding school. It is a community, with a passion and joy for learning. At Farragut, teachers take pride in their efforts, parental involvement is strong, and students know they are expected to do their best in academics and citizenship. Farragut is more than an institution. It is a community for learning in which all feel a part of the family. We are proud of our tradition of excellence and proven success.


The staff of Farragut School is dedicated to providing a high quality and challenging elementary program to its students. The staff, families, and community have demonstrated significant support and confidence in our school. The values and traditions that we share include appreciation of knowledge and thinking skills, the importance of literacy and empowered learners, collegiality and team work, responsible citizenship and the importance of the role of the family in child growth and development. We are proud of our many achievements and of the high quality educational program offered at Farragut School. Our instructional program supports problem solving, critical thinking, and understanding of our individual differences through cooperative learning, individualized instruction, team-teaching, peer/cross-age tutoring and technology. Development of values and attitudes to promote positive self-esteem, along with the acceptance and understanding of others, continues to be part of the total educational program.


Farragut was opened 56 years ago as a small neighborhood school and today serves nearly 500 students from diverse ethic and economic backgrounds.


Our highly professional and caring staff works diligently to provide a positive learning environment that addresses the unique talents and strengths of all students. We are committed to building Lifelong Learners by providing a school atmosphere where:


  • Children feel a strong sense of emotional security and know that they are valued and special, that their ideas matter and are important.
  • All children are supported and encouraged in their academic, social and emotional growth.
  • Children feel a strong sense of community where students, parents, teachers, administrators and support staff work together as partners in the educational process.
  • Students, parents and staff members all share a true sense of caring and trust, resulting in high morale and strong school spirit.