Farragut Elementary School

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Beliefs and School Mission Statement

The mission of Farragut Elementary School is to provide a learning environment, which offers each child, within a caring and cooperative atmosphere, the opportunity to develop individual intellectual, physical and social abilities, and to enable him/her to become a productive and responsible member of the community.


Inherent in this mission is the belief that all students, regardless of individual differences, can learn; that schools make a difference, and that teacher and parents who are committed to this belief provide for the most successful learning experiences.


  • We believe that all students should be engaged in meaningful educational activities.
  • We are committed to promoting a calm, nurturing, safe school-wide learning environment.
  • We believe that reading is critical to learning in all other subjects and is the foundation for lifelong education.
  • Our educational program strives to be balanced and adheres to the California State Standards and Frameworks.
  • We believe that parental involvement and support in a child’s life is essential for each individual’s success.
  • We value a community where all people are responsible for themselves and respectful of each other.
  • We believe that a team achieves greatness.
  • We value hard work, self-reflection, and personal growth.