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August 2019

Dear Farragut Families,

Returning from maternity leave, I find myself coming back to Farragut with more clarity, strength, and conviction for our work in teaching and learning. As a parent of three, I am always thinking about the specific and unique needs of each of my children. What my son needs is different from my daughter. What my baby needs is different from my big kids. Providing students with what they need instead of giving everyone the same is at the heart of this year’s focus on developing the whole child through equity and inclusion. 

Developing the whole child through equity and inclusion begins with celebrating our diversity and engaging the social-emotional strengths of our children.  As Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop so eloquently describe, we provide the mirrors and windows to the world through the literature, lessons, and ideas in the classroom..  Mirrors that help students see the beauty and richness of their own identity and windows that provide perspectives different from their own. It is in this work that we teach our children empathy, courage, community, and kindness, the building blocks for navigating the paths to success. 

Finally, the greatest indicator of who our children will be is who we are. As a school community, our greatest gift we can give our children is to reflect on our own areas for growth and improvement and model the habits of a lifelong learner. Together we can build a school, district, and community that reflects the world we want to live in tomorrow. 

With that, I welcome all of you to the 2019-2020 school year and implore you to be the mirrors and windows to all our students. Each member of our amazing community is part of the beautiful mosaic that makes Farragut such a special place.

With fox pride,

Rebecca Ngo

Farragut Principal