Farragut Elementary School

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All CCUSD Schools are currently on "dismissal" status. Schools are closed next week to students and through spring break. Expect an update from Superintendent Lockhart on 4/2 about the status of the school closure.

Grade Levels

Grade Levels

Kindergarten 4 Staff
1st Grade 4 Staff
2nd Grade 4 Staff
3rd Grade 4 Staff
4th Grade 3 Staff
5th Grade 3 Staff
TK 1 Staff

Educational Support

Administration 1 Staff
Computer Lab 1 Staff
ELD Coordinator 0 Staff
RSP 1 Staff
Speech 1 Staff
Support Staff 8 Staff

Clubs and Activities

Technology 0 Staff


About Us 0 Staff
Academics 0 Staff
Food Services 0 Staff
Principal's Bio 0 Staff
Students 0 Staff